Have you noticed anything strange lately? Like too many white cishet authors in your reading lists? Like nearly no POC teaching staff? Or are you left squinting at modules for a crumb of diversity? Or just maybe you’re the only non-Caucasian on your course!? Or maybe you a member of staff with white privilege who is ready to do some soul searching? Would you like to complain? 

Buyers Remorse are inviting complaints from students and staff who have experienced or observed symptoms of a colonised institution.

The virtual complaints desk collects anonymized complaints of racism and other discriminatory/exclusionary instances, to highlight patterns of discrimination within all areas of university community at Leeds.

All complaints will go through an editorial process, to anonymize and prioritize the intent of revealing/reflecting discriminatory practice within our School community. As this is not a ‘calling -out’ project, we encourage you to submit complaints without identifying/referencing particular people.

After complaints are submitted you will receive an automated reply and then a follow up email with your edited complaint from the team.

If a complaint warrants institutional attention or request institutional attention, then Nicola Singh or Helen Graham will be in touch regarding the complaint.

Students can seek support for instances of discrimination or submit a formal institutional complaint of discrimination of any sort by contacting Joanne Crawford, Head of School, School of Fine Art, History Art and Cultural Studies. Email: