BUYERS REMORSE is a project initiated by Zipporah Blake-Gravesande and Carmen Okome. It is formed in response to their own and others’ experiences of structural racism whilst studying Fine Art and History of Art at the University of Leeds, UK.  The project aims to work through direct community action, towards a less colonised Leeds experience.

The project is student-led and continues the tradition within the POC student community at Leeds of creating initiatives and communities dedicated to the decolonisation of academic environments and studies like ‘Why is My Curriculum White?’ (2019) and Decolonise your Reading list workshop (2019). BUYERS REMORSE calls on university staff to take responsibility for the ongoing burden of being a student minority in higher education. 

Taking influence from Guerrilla Girls’ Complaint Desk (Tate, 2016),  BUYERS REMORSE includes a complaints collection where students can anonymously file a ‘complaint’ relating to the colonised experiences of Leeds’ arts academia, which are then displayed on this website. An Artist spotlight and Resource list will further instigate critical thinking around academic education in FAHACS. Alongside this assemblage are two databases for community-contributed work to house creative and written submissions of students surrounding experiences in a colonised curriculum. These community efforts culminate in a line-up of speeches given by notable individuals. Speakers discuss their individual experiences of colonised curriculum and academia and are always followed by a live Q&A session. 

BUYERS REMORSE is for the students. If you would like to join the project, contribute creative works relating to decolonization, or suggest resources to add to the archive, please get in contact through the socials listed below. 

Spawning from this initiative is the artistic collective BoxCheckers, which is independent of the University of Leeds. More details to follow.